Some Hunters In Truro Shot Sophie The Cocker Spaniel Six Times And Killed Her

sophie hunters – A 6-year-old cocker spaniel was killed Saturday morning when she was shot six times in the throat by hunters in a wooded area off Head of the Meadow Road, police said.

“This is just a horrible, horrible thing. If you think about it, for someone to shoot a friendly 28-pound cocker spaniel with a pink collar that jingles, it’s just terrible,” said Sophie’s owner, Kenneth Dutra, 70, in tears. “I don’t know how my wife and I are going to get through this.”

Dutra was on the premises Saturday morning when he saw two men in orange hunting gear in the area, so he whistled to call his two dogs to the car, he said.

As he was getting Sammy into the car, he heard several shots fired and walked into the campsite and found Sophie bleeding profusely, struggling to stay alive. The hunters had fled the area, he said.

“I’ve hunted myself over the years and I would never ever do something like this,” said Dutra, whose son is an animal control officer. “It is a big joke for some people … to shoot and kill a fox or some other animal that would never bother them.”

It was one thing when that guy was shot by a hunter in Hyannis, he lived and people suck anyway. Killing a dog is a different story all together. This little girl was running over to lick some faces and they put six rounds in her throat? SIX?

Whoever did this should replace Kim Jong Un as public enemy #1. I want autopsies, forensics, ballistics, and any other words I’ve heard on TV that I don’t know the meaning of and I want these hunters found and sentenced to a Hunger Games style death.

RIP Sophie

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