Hocus Pocus, A Golden Retriever From Marstons Mills, Winner At Westminster

hocus pocus marstons mills

Well she kinda won I think. She won Best of Opposite Sex, so I guess that’s second? Unless all the boy dogs were ahead of her or something? I don’t know anything about dog shows because I don’t have a Queen Elizabeth skirt suit and a pair of comfortable flats. Looking at the result codes it looks like everyone might get a ribbon for something though…

result code westminster

Either way we’ll take it. Cape Cod dogs dominating the world isn’t really surprising. #1 Billboard hits, Major League pitchers, world champion windsurfers and Westminster champion bitches is just what Cape Cod does.

P.S. When will the dog world just call it a day with the whole calling the females bitches thing? Think about how much power they are wielding, change that name and the word bitch in reference to a woman is immediately disarmed. They could just pull an NStar, just change the name and pretend nothing bad ever happened.

thanks to Rhonda for the tip

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