Harwich Man Arrested – Throws His Belt At A Cop and Pisses On The Police Station Floor


CapeCodToday.com – HARWICH – An alleged drunken dispute at an East Harwich restaurant Saturday night landed a Harwich man in jail. According to a Harwich police release, officers were called to an unnamed restaurant around 8:20 p.m. for a reported domestic disturbance. Four officers arrived to find what they described as an “uncooperative, combative and highly intoxicated” man identified as 29-year-old Joshua Hollis of Harwich.

Officers transported Hollis to the Harwich Police Station where he was reportedly told several times to remove his belt and when he did, he is alleged to have thrown it and struck Sgt. Adam Hutton. Hollis was charged with domestic assault and battery, disturbing the peace and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

When placed in a holding cell, police said Hollis urinated on the cell floor. He was held overnight on $500 cash bail and released in the morning.

Shit like this makes me feel for cops, they are getting less and less respect these days. What other people on earth have to put up with shit like this? What would you do if someone was at your house, threw a belt at you and then pissed all over the floor? You’d kick the ever loving shit out of his drunk ass, that’s what. The cops have to sit there and take it because if they do anything to the guy the ACLU will sue the ever loving shit out of them.

The age of video is making tough guys out of everyone. If you pulled shit like this back in the day you would definitely “accidentally” fall down the police station stairs. We were taught that you don’t talk back to the police, and if you did you deserved whatever you got. Nowadays people are taunting them on purpose just to catch them doing something wrong on camera.

Sure it’s a good thing to stop the occasional bad apple police brutality, but every once in a while a guy just needs to get his ass handed to him in order to learn a lesson. There’s a problem in the system when a guy can piss all over a police station floor and it doesn’t result in him taking a baton off the dome piece.

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