Rare Cobia Caught In Cape Cod Waters

Credit Nat Chalkley / gtncharters.com
Credit Nat Chalkley / gtncharters.com

CapeAndIslands.org – Every now and then a local angler happily pulls up a fish, only to discover that what’s on the hook was not what was expected.

This week there was plenty of excitement among fishermen at the news, and picture (above), of Captain Nat Chalkley landing a sizable cobia while chunking for stripers off the Elizabeth Islands. Cobia are found mostly in southern waters; the NOAA websitelists their range as “from Texas to Virginia.” They are reported to be good eating, and to be solitary-type fish, not often swimming in groups.

Wait, who the hell does this Cobia think he is? You can’t just swim up here from Texas or Virginia and expect us to let you swim around in Cape Cod waters. SEND IT BACK!

This Cobia is a threat to our way of life. Next thing you know they will be coming up in droves and stealing jobs from Stripers and Cod that have lived here for generations. We should be worried about our own fish, not some immigrant fish from somewhere else. This is a threat to our way of life.


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