Eugene Mars, The 80 Year Old Mechanic In Sandwich, Is Not Playing Games

get off my lawn – Town officials have met with a woman upset about rats she says are coming from her neighbor’s yard and what she claims is an unsightly blight on the neighborhood.

At issue is the Arline Path property of Eugene Mars, an 80-year-old mechanic whose yard is filled with cars, car parts and several canvas storage sheds. In an interview with the Times last month, Mars said the town would have to come with a search warrant and he would fight in court for his right to keep his yard the way it is, if necessary.

The problem: One woman’s trash and eyesore is another man’s treasured “stuff.”

“They told me his behavior is just to the right side of the law,” said Shaw, whose house is on Route 130 and backs up to Mars’ yard.

For example, when the Fire Department responded to a report that Mars was burning trash in his backyard, he had hot dogs he was cooking over the fire. It is legal to cook over an open cook fire.

Mars is in the process of putting a roof over his backyard that stretches the length of Shaw’s lot line. He told the Times he is merely replacing a roof that was destroyed by the winter’s heavy snow and so he doesn’t need a building permit.

Gotta love Eugene Mars. 80 years old and doesn’t give a FUCK. You wanna come into Eugene’s yard? Bring a warrant. You want him to remove that pile of Ford transmissions in the corner? Take him to court. You want him to put out the big ass garbage bonfire out back? Screw you he’s just roasting weenies. You don’t want him to put a roof over his entire yard? Prove it wasn’t already there.

There’s a ton of do’s and don’ts in the world today, and sometimes it can be tough to navigate the waters of our politically correct country. BUT, if there is one thing that tops the list of don’ts? You DO NOT tell an 80 year old mechanic how to live his life or what to do with his own property. You will be told to go fuck yourself 12 times out 10. Do you Eugene, I’ll bring the buns.

P.S. ‘Murrica.

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  1. This guy has been screwed before. In the 80s a town selectman built houses next to Mr Mars. The new house owners complained about the cars in Mr Mars yard. The town came a towed to the town dump a wonderful collection of corvairs

  2. Kind of like the me, me, me people who move in next to a race track, or airport, then complain about the noise. 80 years old? Hey, give the guy a break.

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