Cape Cod Hospital Kicking Old Guy And Cute Dogs Out Of Their Home!

Tenant-Eviction – The lily bulbs that David Potoczny planted around his wooden bungalow near Cape Cod Hospital have burst into blooms of pink, orange and yellow, but the 64-year-old’s mood is anything but sunny.

The doctors who own the house he rents recently sold it to Cape Cod Healthcare — the parent company of Cape Cod and Falmouth hospitals — and Potoczny says he has to be out by the end of the year.

“I have to find another place to live,” he said. “They’re buying everything up.”

“I’ve been on this same corner for 30 years,” said Potoczny, who said he suffers from neuropathy, diabetes and heart problems. “Where am I going to find a place?”

As Cape Cod Hospital continues to expand and its parent company acquires physician practices and other health-related businesses, the hospital’s reach extends ever farther into this section of town.

It seems as though every other business in the area — from 60 Park St. to 40 Quinlan Way to 22 Lewis Bay Road — is now occupied by practices that operate under the Cape Cod Healthcare umbrella.

King of the area on Lewis Bay since opening in 1920, the hospital is looking more like an empire, some observers say.

A former maintenance man for McAuliffe, Potoczny pays $700 a month in rent for the bungalow he shares with four tiny and well-behaved poodles. He’s afraid he might have to surrender all or most of his pets for adoption to get public or senior housing.

Ummm… why is this news? Think about how many people who have rented a home and had to leave because the owner sold the house. It happens all the time without newspaper articles about it. What the hell is with this reaction like it’s some tragic humanitarian issue?

“Oh my! The rightful owners of a property want to use it in a way that is the most advantageous for themselves! How dare the entity that paid market value for a home on the open market not use it for the sole reason of helping the tenant not have to find a new place that allows dogs! WHAT ABOUT THE POODLES!?!?”

Ridiculous. Oh and what in the hell does this dude having diabetes have to do with anything? Is this article insinuating that should be a factor in whether or not he should be able to stay in a home he doesn’t own? Did I miss the diabetes amendment to the constitution?

The 28th Amendment: Any American deemed to have diabetes shalt have the inalienable right to squat on other people’s property for no less than 35 years. Subsequently, if said citizen should have tiny, well behaved poodles, 5 years per dog shall be added to the time frame. If a citizen with diabetes has more than 3 poodles AND heart problems, then it is the tenants right to stay forever in any home he chooses, regardless of ownership. (*I made this up, please don’t email me with an aspergers rant on the bill of rights)

People say our kids are all so entitled nowadays. Gee I wonder where they get it from?

P.S. The Hospital has been there since 1920, that’s 65 years longer than the maintenance man with a heart of gold, so don’t give me that longevity shit either.

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