Centerville State Rep Pushing Bill To Curb Rub And Tugs

Mannal goes to Boston – State Representative Brian Mannal (D-Centerville) is hoping the bill he introduced in the legislature last year will help to eliminate houses of prostitution that pose as massage parlors.

“This is an issue that has come about in the last few years,” he said. He said a constituent brought it to his attention last year and that is why he filed the bill.

Mannal’s bill which is stalled in the legislature would prohibit unlicensed people from advertising massage services online. It would update the current statute which just specifies print advertising.

This is obviously news because of the Cape Cod rub and tugs that got shut down recently. The bill would prohibit unlicensed people from advertising massage services online? Is that really the people we are worrying about online? How about the guy we just posted about this morning looking to buy used dirty panties on Craigslist? Hey Brian Mannal, you might want to scroll down a few blogs and check that guy out. I’m pretty sure he isn’t licensed.

The worst thing an unlicensed massage will turn into is a little chaffing from a guilt ridden handy. I’m pretty sure meeting a random dude in a Wal Mart parking lot to sell him your Hershey stained panties can pretty easily turn into him chloroforming you and chopping you into tiny pieces to decorate his Christmas tree with. Maybe Mr. Mannal should re think which online ads he should be focused on, and maybe it should be the scenario that isn’t referred to as a happy ending.

P.S. No shit the bill is “stalled in the legislature”, if they stop prostitution politicians will never get laid.

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