You Absolutely Have To See These Tourist’s Shark Attack Defense System

shark cages

Yes, this is a totally candid shot of some tourists at the beach in North Carolina. This has to take the cake as the most absolutely ridiculous touristy tourist thing of all time right? I can just see Kansas Ken talking to his wife on the way to the beach…

“We’ve had this trip planned for 7 months and I’ll be damned if we are gonna come all this way and not get to wade into the Atlantic.”

Is it really that important to get into the ocean that people are willing to cage themselves in making it impossible to move 6 inches in either direction? I would pay twenty gajillion dollars to watch these people get attacked by a shark. Just a rated G attack, I don’t want them to die or anything, but there is something about this scene that is bringing back some kind of primal comedy in my bones. I can’t quite place my finger on what is so funny about… WAIT!

Now I remember what it reminds me of that’s so funny, it would be like an adult, real life episode of…


tweety bird

… except when the shark hits the cage, instead of feathers flying up everywhere it would be an explosion of Wal-Mart bathing suits and fanny packs. Oh man tourists are so freaking funny.

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