Should We Be Worried About The Acid In Cape Cod Waters?

acid ocean cape cod – Farther south still, near Cape Cod in Massachusetts, the worry is so-called “sea butterflies,” tiny marine snails that live low on the food chain and are – like the oysters and clams – threatened by a process known as “ocean acidification.”

“We’re acidifying the oceans,” said Mark Green, a professor of environmental science at Saint Joseph’s College in Maine. “We don’t know exactly what’s going to survive and what’s not, but there will be extinctions.”

Ocean acidification is sometimes referred to as “the other carbon dioxide problem,” and it’s exactly what the name implies: the gradual increase of acid in the world’s waters. It’s fueled by the burning of fossil fuels and the massive amounts of carbon that releases. A good chunk of that is absorbed by the world’s oceans, making the water more acidic.

Great, like we didn’t already have enough to worry about, add “ocean acidification” to your list of things that will probably kill you. Although I’m sort of on the fence with this one. Rising Acid levels in the ocean may kill some “sea butterflies”, but there could be some very positive side effects as well.

Acid oceans could be a cure for all the shitty music that’s so popular these days. Sick of your teenagers blasting Justin Bieber? Send them for a swim in the acid ocean and they’ll come out singing the Beatles White Album.

Feeling stressed by life’s mundane daily crap? Go for a swim in the acid ocean and you’ll come out realizing that matter is merely energy condensed to a very slow vibration and that your body is only a vessel for your life force,so anything that happens in this realm is really meaningless compared to the eternal connection you have to everything in the universe.

Although, on the flip side, if acid oceans kill the shellfish, married men on Cape Cod won’t be able to pump their wives full of White Zin and oysters at a raw bar a few times every summer and get some drunken road head on the ride home, so I guess it’s kind of a toss up really.

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  1. The only reference of supposed truth, used as an example, is some oyster farm located in the Pacific North West. Warming, OA, and these other marine issues, is driven by generating grant money. Its about time for some real answer, not hyperbolic rhetoric.
    Another ‘fish story’ about ocean acidification where researchers fool themselves into thinking they are actually doing science

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