Today In Cape Cod History – 1946 – Cape Cod Windmills – “Examples To Emulate”

windmill cape cod – Windmills are an unappreciated American asset. They could be useful to many more farmers than actually do use them.

Half a century ago Massachusetts’ Cape Cod was noted for the number of its windmills. They were a feature which lured many tourists, giving the Cape a possession which its rivals lacked.

But they were neglected as cheap electricity power came in and gradually removed. One of the oldest is now in Henry Ford’s Dearborn museum.

Well isn’t this irony at it’s finest. Back in the day our windmills were a source of pride and considered an attraction. Now our windmills cause towns to sue themselves because people say they cause “wind turbine syndrome” and vertigo.

Yup way back when our windmills were so nice that they put one in a museum. Today our windmills are court ordered to work less hours a day than a seven year old girl at a Nike factory in Indonesia.

Just goes to show you that society is indeed regressing in many ways. One day you’ve got Pippi Longstocking frolicking around the wooden windmill and a couple of years later giant metal turbines are causing people to walk at a 45 degree angle like they should have had a fucking V-8.

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