Did The Real Cape Win The Nobel Prize?

No biggie, just The American Civil Liberties Union tweeting about our blog on the Sandwich teacher that got fired over a religious YouTube video. The only surprise really is that it took them this long to realize that we have been tirelessly championing the plight of the people, fighting tooth and nail for the silent majority, and sacrificing for the greater good.

Here’s a screenshot of the ACLU twitter feed, The Real Cape story is wedged right in between articles from the Washington Post and the New York Times. I’d imagine it’s probably a huge thrill for those two publications to be on the same feed as us.


So, the only question now is, do they mail us the Nobel prize, do we pick it up somewhere, or is there some type of ceremony? You’d think someone would have contacted us by now.

P.S. Should I start using my full name… Rupert Randolph Hippie?

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