New Mass. Law Would Ban Shackling Of Pregnant Inmates

pregnant inmate – BOSTON — A bill that would outlaw the shackling of female prisoners during childbirth is making its way through the Massachusetts Statehouse.

The Department of Correction controls state prisons. Each county jail has its own policies regarding pregnant inmates.

Ashland Democratic state Sen. Karen Spilka, who sponsored the bill, said, “Shackling pregnant women interferes with a physician’s ability to treat mothers and their newborns, and it is an inhumane, unacceptable practice.”

So yeah this makes total sense, shackling pregnant women should most likely not be legal. Here’s the thing though, that’s not what this post is about. I have a confession to make. I was completely turned on by reading this article. Is that bad? Should that not have happened?

I kinda feel like George Costanza when he bangs the cleaning lady on his desk at work and he genuinely can’t comprehend that it was wrong. I feel like getting movement from an article about shackled pregnant inmates is probably in some gray area of immorality, but I can’t lie to myself about it either.

Guys you get where I’m coming from right? There’s just something about a crazy chick that ignites some dormant primal urge. Every once in a while you just want a girl to claw your eyes out, belittle your manhood, then key your car and slash your tires on the way out.

Don’t get me wrong we aren’t talking long term relationship stuff here, but a chick so bad that she commits crimes while heavy with child is about as frightening as it gets. And somewhere in the deepest recesses of a guys mind, being terrified of a woman is an aphrodisiac of epic proportions.

P.S. If you are absolutely horrified reading this I’d just like to say that I’m totally kidding.

P.P.S. If you are pregnant and in shackles reading this I’d just like to say that you should give me a call sometime.

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