New App Shows You A Pic Of The Fisherman That Caught The Fish You Are Buying

hotfisherman – After eyeing a piece of haddock on the supermarket counter, a customer scans a code and finds out the fish was caught in the waters of Georges Bank and learns the name of the fishing boat — and maybe even sees a picture of the smiling, rain-slickened fisherman who reeled it in. Welcome to the future of buying New England seafood.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland is developing the tool, which was recently awarded a $175,000 federal government grant, in cooperation with Maine Coast. Final release is about two years away and will likely take the form of a smartphone app, said Jen Levin, the institute’s sustainable seafood program manager.

Sweet, it’s like Tinder for getting fish. Scan that Striper and if a pic comes up of some scrub in a dinghy off the coast of Warwick you can just swipe left and move on to the next fish. If you scan a lobster and some strapping young lad in a shiny boat near Chatham pops up you can swipe right with confidence knowing that your lobster comes from a good family and probably won’t steal the painkillers out of your medicine cabinet.

This will probably cut down on shell fish driven food born illness as well. It’s much easier to avoid that soft shell crab sandwich when you scan it with your app and realize it came from some Guido boat off of the Jersey Shore and probably has Chlamydia. With Fisherman Tinder you can just swipe left and save yourself a trip to the clinic!

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