So A Mini Horse Fell In A Sinkhole In Chatham

chathamminihorse – Chatham firefighters rescued a mini-horse from a sinkhole early today.

At 6:13 a.m. the fire department received a call from a South Chatham resident reporting a horse stuck in a sinkhole, according to a press release from the Chatham Fire Department.

The rescue team found a 15-year-old mini-horse in a hole about 3 to 4 feet deep.

The hole appeared to have been the cesspool of an old septic system. A block wall could be seen on one side of the hole, the release stated.

Firefighters dug a ramp for the horse to walk out of its trap.

The horse appeared uninjured but “agitated by the event,” firefighters said.

Little Sebastian! What’s with the mini horses in Chatham? Is it some kind of hotbed of mini horse activity? First we find an orphan baby mini horse out there that we want to make our mascot and now this? My goodness Chatham clean up your act, you’re giving Cape Cod a bad name in the mini horse community. Everybody knows that all you have in the mini horse world is your reputation, once you lose that you can forget about ever being a respected destination for mini horse connoisseurs.

It’s tough to maintain your status as a mini horse hotbed when your ponies are falling into septic tanks. Clean it up Chatham!

P.S. You kinda have to send the mini horse to a different town after this right? I mean he’s gotta be the laughing stock of Chatham, you just don’t recover from falling in a sinkhole/septic tank. Poor thing is gonna get laughed at from now to eternity if he stays in town. “Hey Billy, why the long face? You fall in a shithole or something?” *uncontrollable naying

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