Mass DOT Clear Cuts Thousands Of Trees On Route 6 – Welcome To Cape Jersey

route 6 trees

CBS – Drivers who routinely use Route 6 on the Cape have likely noticed all of the trees in a stretch of median almost all gone.

“I don’t know what the concerns were with the trees but it took a lot of the beauty away,” said Sagamore resident Heather Gallo. “I think it’s kind of bare now.”

State Representative Randy Hunt, who represents part of the Cape in the Massachusetts legislature, says he’s been besieged by emails and Facebook messages from angry constituents over so many trees wiped out.

“I see no reason for mowing down perfectly healthy 30 to 40-year old trees,” said Hunt.

In an email to WBZ-TV, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation said there were a number of reasons for clearing the trees, including public safety, but the project has been halted for the time being.

“And I think part of what people come down here for the Cape is the ambiance, the nature, the scenery, and it’s horrific, it’s absolutely horrific what they’ve done,” said Harwich resident Chuck O’Connor.

Sons of Cape Cod! I am Hippie. And I see a whole army of my peninsulamen, here in defiance of tyranny! You have come to fight as tree men. And tree men you are! What will you do without trees on the median? Will you fight?

Fight and you may die. Run and you will live at least awhile. And dying in your bed many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here as young men and tell the Mass DOT that they may take our trees, but they will never take… our freedom!

P.S. Don’t Jersey The Cape

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  1. DOT said they did this in the interest of public Safety? WHAT Public Safety??? Did they consider the impact of a treeless median on nighttime drivers who will round a curve and suddenly see headlights coming straight at them and not be able to tell if it's on the other side of a denuded median or a WRONG WAY DRIVER? THAT was my reaction a 5am last Sunday morning, resulting in my abruptly changing lanes to avoid what I thought was an imminent head-on collision. Fortunately the paucity of traffic at that hour prevented MY causing an accident, while trying to avoid an apparently lethal situation.
    I seriously think DOT should RECONSIDER this program, due to safety concerns, to say nothing of the BARREN moonscape they have created to ruin visitors' first impressions of Cape Cod.

  2. I love the beauty of the highway. It's so serene driving my 8000 pound SUV with quiet tuning, blasting my radio to 101.7. I just love getting away from everything by swilling down several gallons of gasoline to visit my vacation home. You people are insane.

  3. First of all, Public Safety? Yeah, they stated this but did not provide supporting facts. Also, the cost of performing this work for no real reason. I have NEVER heard of an impact to public safety caused by trees in the median. I'm not even going to start with my feelings on the aestethic change, GRRRRRR. Idiots.

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