Mashpee Company That Makes Baby Wipes Out Of Bamboo Up For Cribsie Award – Wait, What?


Well there’s a headline I didn’t see coming. Umm… there is a company that makes baby wipes out of bamboo? On Cape Cod? File this under S for shit we should have known about by now. I mean I can see why they would fly under my radar making baby wipes since I don’t have any kids, but this…


…is something that I should not be stumbling upon now. This may be the most intriguing news coming out of Cape Cod since JWOWW was at Pufferbellies. I have so many questions. Is it soft? Does it rip easily? How does this radical of a change in ass wiping technology just go completely un-noticed by the masses?

I read in my horoscope the other day that I was going to come across something that will change my life. Do you think this could be it? I take wiping my butt very serious so this really could be big for me. I mean it’s not often that a company comes out of nowhere right in your backyard and makes you rethink something you’ve been doing your whole life.

I guess we just have to add Bum Boosa to our list of products we need to get our hands on. We owe it to our readers to provide a detailed review on this toilet paper and dammit we will provide it one way or another. Until then let’s support a local company win this cribsie contest by clicking here.

P.S. I don’t know what a Cribsie is nor do I know if Bum Boosa baby wipes are the worst baby wipes in existence. None of this matters, they are from Mashpee. Cape Cod. So they get our vote.

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  1. I have never used the diaper wipes, but the TP is soft, and you ultimately will use less- per “use”– than you are accustomed to because you simply don’t need a lot of it to get the job done. Try it! I bet you’ll love it.

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