Man Shot In Bourne Last Night Has Died

mourning – A 23-year-old Bourne man who was shot last night in the vicinity of Trowbridge Road has died, Bourne police said.

Bourne Police Lieutenant Richard Silvestro said Antone Gutierrez was pronounced dead when he arrived at Boston Medical Center.

Bourne and state police are investigating the shooting, which occurred around the same time as a reported room invasion at the All Seasons Inn at 114 Trowbridge Road.

Lt. Silvestro said police initially responded to a report around 9:40 PM of a pedestrian accident on Trowbridge Road. The first officer to arrive found Mr. Gutierrez lying bleeding in the middle of the road. Police on the scene began first aid, notified Bourne Fire Rescue that the man had been shot, and requested additional police units.

Upon examining the victim, who had been shot in the lower abdomen, Deputy Fire Chief David Cody said Bourne Fire Rescue initially requested a Boston MedFlight helicopter to transport Mr. Gutierrez to a trauma center in Boston.

So on a day where everyone’s mind is already on a senseless tragedy we get this news of another senseless tragedy. What the fuck is going on around here? This isn’t Rwanda or even Detroit, we are on Cape Cod, what could possibly be so bad that people are murdering people?

I contemplated whether or not I should post this but this stuff needs to be out there as much as possible. The people responsible need to be found and justice needs to be served. Murder should be something that just doesn’t happen here, and when it seems like every single one goes unsolved, that doesn’t help much at all.

23 years old. Fuck.

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  1. Maybe I’m getting old at crotchety, but I highly doubt this 23-year old was just am innocent bystander. Yes it’s tragic that he’s dead and perhaps I’m making some big assumptions here but…I doubt that he was a 4.0 student who was going to college at Harvard Medical and he just happened to be down on the Cape visiting his girlfriend when he got shot.

    The more likely scenario is that he’s trying to “thug” and play gangster, along with all of these other wannabe gangsters on Cape Cod and somebody out-gangstered him and now he’s dead.

    I agree, this is Cape Cod, it’s not Detroit, it’s not Compton or Watts…stop trying to act like you’re a tough guy because you’re not. Unfortunately, I think this is just a symptom of a larger problem with the youth of today…but that’s commentary for another day.

    -Crotchety Old Man.

    1. Know what your talking about before you assume that is thug shit or drug related.. Oh by the way asshole he doesn’t have to go to Harvard to be a good innocent kid… Come correct before your big mouth I said stop assuming know the facts….

  2. I agree for you to sit there and make assumptions doesnt make you just an asshole it makes you an ignorant little prick! It does not matter what the scenario was old man what matters is there is now 3 little girls withoyt a father. Smh

  3. Same kid?

    GUTIERREZ, Antone M., 20, 359 Barlows Landing Road, Pocasset; attempted murder, March 25 in Bourne, dismissed; guilty of assault and battery with dangerous weapon (hands), two years in correctional facility, credit for 111 days of time served, nine months to serve, balance suspended, committed, two-year probation, $90 assessment; guilty of domest

    Sounds like a good guy…what a tragedy

  4. Even if this was “drug related”, there’s an epidemic on Cspe Cod. Our youth educated or not are getting swallowed alive by addiction. I’ve always hated addicts, but inside there’s a trapped soul. I pray you and your family are never affected by addiction. Often times it goes undetected, and by the time people close to this person notice a change it’s often too late. Prescription pills often lead to heroine, it’s cheaper, and college student or derelict, whatever the case, they can’t afford their habbit. The old crotchety adults in our community, raised these children, the blame falls on you as well. Our community is falling apart and no one had connected the dots? These kids need automatic rehab, not jail time. (California is doing this, and everyone wins. Less taxes dollars are spent and the number of reaffenders has dropped.) you’re ignorant if you think this doesn’t affect you. Chances are you can count ten people that are addicted it in recovery. There’s a demon inside these children, and underlying cause. They need help, not punishment. If you can’t find sympathy for the victim, know that his family is suffering. No one deserves this. We prosecute soldiers for mistreating terrorists, so explain to me how this is ok? Two families are in agony… How is that just?
    My family was middle class. My father a police officer, at one point in his career he was a k-9 officer with a dog that was trained to search for people as well as drugs. My brother an all star athlete. Every sport he tried, he instantly mastered. On magazines for hockey tournaments, he played center. He was large at 6’2 and muscular, and could skate. and he went to Cooperstown so many times as his teams catcher. At boarding school he excelled. He always received A’s, so it was no surprise. Made friends where ever he went, so of course he was instantly popular, as he was at home. While at this school, filled with students from around the world, the elites, upper class, he was introduced to cocaine. And when he returned home he realized how consumed Cape Cod was by cocaine, pills, and ecstasy. Some were able to use recreationally, but he had the cards stacked against him, environmentally and genetically. He’s a relatable guy. He could be you, your son, your friend, you father, your brother. And he was all of that, to do many people. He was murdered last summer. Drug related or not, he’s still my brother. The addict that he became, wasn’t him, but sometimes my brothers soul escaped, every time he got sober. Someone spoke on the news about it being a community service, that these murderer(s) were essentially vigilantes, making the neighborhood a better place. I can imagine myself saying that 5 years ago, but it sickens me now. I educated myself when I opted to write a series of essays for college assignments. I suggest you do the same. My family became closer, because no one understands the pain you feel. I pray you never feel the heaviness that is in my heart.

  5. Regardless of what kind of person he was or was not- a 23 year old “Child” was stabbed and shot in Bourne. On Cape Cod- no doubt there is a huge drug presence and it is sad how much talent has come and gone due to it. At the same time- its everywhere! Cape Cod, like any other town in Mass, has its good and its bad. Growing up here myself I see the unfortunate toll that drugs and alcohol has on people- especially here. That 23 year old “thug” or not- he’s 23. He has children and attended Bourne High School. 23 years old- shame one anyone for saying horrible and disrespectful comments. He was still a kid himself!!!! Maybe its the responsibility of community cape cod to think about ways we can prevent things like this. Growing up here, especially in winter, can be defined as no less than a science experiement. Young adults go to work and hang out at the same 4 or 5 bars a week. Besides a few pick up games of hockey or spring league here or there – THERES NOTHING ELSE TO DO! We need to make life on the cape a little more brighter and try to get our kids more involved. We need to create more opportunities as a community to get people to come together. Boredom is a huge, huge reason that so many people that drink and become exposed to drugs one the cape. Obviously this is a horrible occurance and is gang related or whatever the case but its scary. It happened in our backyard. Instead of blogging about a kid that deserved it, calling him a “thug” – i mean come on people. He was a 23 year. A 23 year old Bourne Highschoold kid! A KID, A FATHER AND A SON. He might of not been what everyone’s model citizen should be but he was again 23 yr old kid. If anything this should be a wake up call. It should be a time for people to come together and do something to ensure it doesn’t happen again. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim, his little girl and thier family. A 23 year old should not be shot and stabbed on the streets of Bourne MA. WTF

  6. He was a 22 year old father of 3 girls, with a mother and sister, who was murdered. As far as I know none of his past crimes carried a death sentence. Why don’t you save your comments for the scumbags (c.m, s.t., a.a.) who lured him out to shoot him and stab him and leave him for dead in the street.

  7. I look at that hole case and it was a coward act my man didn’t deserve to die in the street leaving family and kids be hind from some yarm that couldn’t throw the hands with him u wanna rob take it if u for that but all that scary shit shooting stabing a young kid with no weapons on him then u knew him at that new he was nice with his hands so took the scary way out my heart goes out to tone and his fam prayers to all he was a good kid getting on the right track around the wrong people which gave him no chance I’ll always have crazy love for u tony until we meet again R I P love HEC

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