Invasive Garlic Mustard Plants Are “Unwelcome” On Martha’s Vineyard

garlic mustard – Most Vineyarders already know some basic information about invasive species and why they’re a problem. Basically, invasives are plants or animals, usually from a different part of the world, that are too aggressive. Separated from whatever factors keep them under control in their original range, the spread rapidly and crowd out more diverse and more desirable native wildlife.

One invasive plant that turned up rather recently on the Vineyard — within the past decade or so — is garlic mustard. A native of Eurasia, garlic mustard is especially aggressive in damp habitats, but like most invasives, it’s highly adaptable and can tolerate a wide range of conditions.

I’m gonna have to plead ignorance on this one. How could garlic mustard “crowd out more desirable native wildlife”? What is more desirable than garlic mustard? How can something so good be invasive? I wish it would invade my backyard. While you’re at it Mother Nature I’ll take some invasive bacon ranch in the front yard. How about some honey mustard on one side and teriyaki ginger on the other side for good measure as well?

People on The Vineyard don’t know how good they have it. Talk about Cape Cod Problems. They’ve got Grey Poupon growing right out of the ground and they are bitching about the native wildlife not having room to grow. What’s next? Annoying Money Tree groves just sprouting up in everyone’s yards and driving out the scrub pines? Oh The horror!


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  1. I come home from my crappy job to my crappy apartment and, well, feel like crap. Your posts always provide good laughs, so just wanted to say thank you!

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