George Takei Thinks The Sandwich Police Are Hilarious

george sandwich police
I’ve gotta admit, I never really thought about the double meaning of Sandwich Police, it’s just one of those things that’s been in front of my face so long I never thought about it. I guess it would be funny if you didn’t know that Sandwich was a town? I would think that anyone with any semblance of intelligence would know about Sandwich, England. You know, the place the sandwich was invented, by the Earl? They probably have police too.

Either way, this is just another example of the rest of the world making a big deal out of shit we take for granted. Just like all the poor saps that have to live in other places go gaga over the Cape because they’ve never seen a sand dune or a clam shack, I guess they turn into 6 year olds when they see a Sandwich Police cruiser as well.

What I’m saying is this isn’t the first time that something that isn’t even a blip on the radar to Cape Codders is a huge deal for everyone else. It’s not easy here in the center of the universe.

P.S. Is it more shocking that George Takei has never heard of a town named Sandwich, or that Insane Tony knows how to take a screenshot?

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