Falmouth Police Recover Bunny Rabbit Stolen From Barnstable County Fair

barnstable county fair stolen bunny

barnstable county fair stolen bunny2

Good lord, even our bunny rabbits aren’t safe from abduction anymore. Did anyone check to see if the Squirrel Brothers are still in jail? They have to be the #1 suspects right? Who else would have more of a motive to kidnap a rabbit than a Squirrel? We’ve been right about these things before, maybe we should break this case wide open as well.

The only problem is that the FPD has released the description of a suspect in the case and it doesn’t really match either of the Squirrel Brothers. Apparently the suspect is 3′ 7″ tall, bald, talks with a heavy lisp and is extremely clumsy and injury prone. He may also be using an alias and respond to “Egghead”.

WAIT! We’ve done it again, we’ve cracked another case. Put out an APB, we just hired a sketch artist, so be on the lookout for the man below. Warning, he is armed and not very dangerous…

elmer fudd

P.S. Yes, this is the worst joke in the history of The Real Cape, give us a break, it’s Friday and we’ve already checked out mentally.


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