Cape Tourism Officials Hoping For Influx Of February Vacation Visitors… No, Really.

denial – It has been a struggle for most Cape businesses this winter, but tourism officials are hoping February vacation will be a boost for local hotels.

With schools out across the commonwealth, this week has historically proven to bring an influx of off-season visitors to the Cape.

“We do get a really good shot in the arm for school vacation in February and then again in April. What’s different about it is that it tends to be really concentrated in the hotels and the B&Bs,” said Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce CEO Wendy Northcross.

Although this snow-filled winter might be driving some vacationers north, Northcross said that the Cape has long been an alternative to the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire during February break.

Bahahahahaha! Good one! Oh man what a funny article, this had me rolling in the six foot snowbank outside of my house.

In related news, we here at The Real Cape are hoping for a huge influx of overly sensitive, politically correct readers from Idaho.

Seriously though, we are certainly not knocking Wendy Norcross, she is a trooper, staying positive is her job and it’s admirable that she is sticking to her guns, but… Bahahahahaha!

P.S. What will happen first, an influx of vacationers to Cape Cod this winter, or the LAPD getting a lead in Jeff Lebowski’s stolen car case?

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  1. Laugh all you want. My Sunday night karaoke show at the BBC Hyannis was PACKED and they were all tourists. Between President's Day and School vacation, believe it or not, people come to the Cape in February. Joke's on them.

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