Cape Cod Police Officer Embodies What It Means To Protect And Serve

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Orleans Police Facebook – This past Saturday, one of our Officers arrived to assist a motorist on Rte. 6 with two flat tires, and observed a visibly upset mother, with two scared little girls crying in the backseat.

The Officer returned to his cruiser to find something that would calm the girls, and distract them from the stressful situation. Unable to find a stuffed animal or toy, the Officer grabbed his tablet he had with him and began playing a kids movie as he handed it to the older of the two girls.

When the tow truck arrived some 40 minutes later, the Officer returned to the vehicle to retrieve his tablet. The mother thanked the Officer, and stated “I think she may have taken a couple of pictures”. Attached (above) are just a couple of the 25+ pictures the officer found later in his photo gallery that brought a happy conclusion to his day.

Given what we are all being inundated with on our news feeds today, I thought it would be nice to start off with a post to remind us that there is still way more good in this world than there is evil.

Do you know how I know this police officer is a good person? He just nonchalantly handed a kid his tablet. Most people would need about three days alone with the delete button before they could just hand their computer over to a child.

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  1. As a society, we got off so much from seeing and hearing about the bad, that sometimes we need to be reminded that good always prevails. Thank you for posting this!!!

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