The Cape Cod Dive Bar Tournament Great Eight – Voting Is Open!

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There are definitely a few surprises developing in The Cape Cod Dive Bar Tournament, with a few question marks left on the board. Can a place as nice as Flynn’s truly be considered a dive? Is Zachary’s run in this tournament a direct result of the glory of boobies? While these questions remain unanswered there is certainly some cream rising to the top at this point of the tourney.

We will have more information for you about the Cape Wide Pub Crawl later this week, where we will visit a dive bar in every town on Cape Cod in one day.

For now let’s get to voting, make sure to share after you vote so your favorite place gets their due.

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  1. So is Matchup 1 off line while you figure out how to rename that one as “Best place to get beaten and stabbed by multiple assailants,” if so, the bracket needs to be changed to pit Quarterdeck against Zachary’s…

  2. Oops, nevermind, it decided to show itself. Still, Zacharys is my favorite place on the continent to get thrown out of. If I had a nickel for every time, I’d have a boatload of nickels

  3. Quarterdeck…hands down. Why did you bother with the brackets. How does the Kettle Ho beat the Canal? I actually drink out of the glasses at the Kettle and have never feared for my life. I can’t say that about the Canal. Whoever said Flynn’s doesn’t belong was right. Not a dive at all.

  4. David D – Glasses at the Canal? You must be referring to shot glasses. Still the Canal has the best food of any of the dives listed without a doubt!

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