Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – Regular 69


Regular 69 – m4w – 38 (Upper Cape)
age : 38

I’m between relationships and looking for a younger woman (18-35) to 69 with on a regular basis. Mornings/early afternoons only. I like curvy girls! I’m good looking, squeeky clean, disease free, completely normal and safe. I just love 69 and fantasize about it constantly. If this sounds like fun, send a pic and let’s chat :)i

I wasn’t going to write today but this is an emergency. When I read this in an email that someone sent in I knew I owed it to all of you to drop what I was doing and get this out to you as fast as possible.

Is this the most nonchalant ad for 69ing in the history of the world? It has to be right? You’d think this guy was looking for a landscaper or something. Just calmly asking for something completely random like 69 ads are a regular occurrence. NBD, just another 69 ad here.

I understand you miss all the shots you don’t take, but even if this works I have a feeling he’ll regret it. What kind of a lunatic 69’s with a stranger from Craigslist… on a regular basis… in the morning? This is a certain “careful what you wish for” situation. Any girl that answers this ad has to be off the charts crazy. There is a 114% chance you wake up in a bathtub full of ice with no kidneys after a mid morning 69 session with a stranger girl from Craigslist. That goes up to 247% if she’s Russian.

P.S. Keep 69ing with strangers from Craigslist and you’ll have to take “squeaky clean” off your resume pretty quickly bro.

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