Cape Cod Craigslist Ad Of The Day – Packaging Bubbles


Craigslist. org

Packaging Bubbles Large to Small
Bags of em
Packing Peanuts
And more packing stuff
Come get em!
Exit 12
No Blue Box or carpet Cleaner or wooden door in background…

This Orleans lunatic must have the most self control of any human being on the planet. When packaging bubbles come into my life everything else stops immediately. I have been known to cancel plans two days in advance when a package comes with bubbles because I know I will be utterly consumed by the need to pop every single one of them. Bottom line is packaging bubbles are just pure unadulterated joy.

Yet this person not only didn’t pop them immediately, they are storing them and giving them away? If you are giving away packaging bubbles on Craigslist you might as well just move to North Korea because as far as I’m concerned you hate America and everything it stands for.

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