Cape Cod Is Out Of Cod. Wait, What?


WCAI – Good luck finding local cod in Cape Cod, Mass.

The fish once sustained New England’s fishing industry, but in recent years, regulators have imposed severe catch limits on cod and the fish remain scarce.

“I’ve never seen codfishing this bad,” says Greg Wilinsky, who’s been fishing on Cape Cod for more than 30 years. “It looks to me like it’s over. And I can’t catch any codfish.”.

At Finely JP’s, a seafood restaurant on the Cape, owner John Pontius says he has always served local cod, but the shortage caused prices to skyrocket. So for a while, he took it off the menu.

Now Pontius serves cod imported from Iceland. He is not alone.

Cape Cod restaurants serving Cod from Iceland? I’m pretty sure this is one of the signs of the apocalypse right? What’s next, are we gonna have to import Cape Cod Beer from Germany? Start getting our Cape Cod Chips from Idaho?

This is not a good look for The Cape at all. This is like if Buffalo ran out of wings or the Swiss ran out of cheese, you just can’t let that happen. So what are the alternatives? Well look at this madness…

Duffy and other fish wholesalers are trying to build a local market for dogfish. But it’s a hard sell. In America, he says, it’s just not popular.

“I know what they do with dogfish. They send it to England mostly, and the English use it as fish and chips — and I believe that’s why they put vinegar on their fish and chips,” says Romeo Solviletti. He’s the manager of Connolly’s Seafood, just down the block from the Cape Ann Seafood Exchange.

Hold up a second, are we counting Dogfish as sharks? Are they part of the 73 million killed a year? This means I might be able to keep swimming in the ocean. Anyone who has ever fished on Cape Cod knows that those things are like the rats of the sea. Sometimes you catch them on every cast and it’s annoying as hell. They may account for 72.9 million on their own.

How about those nasty ass English people though huh? I mean I’ve probably caught hundreds of Dogfish and never entertained the idea of making Fish and Chips out of their back meat. Could English food be any worse? First they just throw meat in boiling water and now they’re frying up a fish we throw back by the hundreds. No wonder their teeth are so bad, they probably fall out in an effort to get their owner to stop eating all together.


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