Who Is The Bigger One Play Folk Hero In New England, Butler Or Roberts?

roberts butler

So I posted this question to Facebook and Twitter, but wanted to get a few more words in about it here. First, for the sake of this question let’s assume Malcolm Butler never plays another down for New England. If that’s the case, who is the bigger one play New England sports folk hero?

The case for Dave Roberts is pretty simple. Without that stolen base the Red Sox don’t break the curse. It leads to the first Championship in 86 years, whereas Butler’s interception leads to a 4th championship in 14 years. In that context the Butler interception is not nearly as historic.

On the other hand, Butler’s interception seals victory. It wins the game. With Roberts an entire slew of other things have to fall into place afterwards, his play just keeps them alive, Butler’s seals victory.

One thing is for sure, both of these guys will get a standing O at every game they ever attend in New England ever again.

It’s one of those questions that there is no correct answer to, but will be fun to argue at the bar. Either way, how lucky are we to even be able to contemplate such arguments? It’s good to be from New England.

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