Anthony Bourdain Sums Up Being Young On Cape Cod During The ’70’s


“Linguica… the beach… work… drinking… getting high… all the food you wanted, all the booze you wanted, all the sex you wanted, and yet you were still an essential part of the economy.”

I’m not even going to add anything here. You wouldn’t paint over the Mona Lisa would you?

thanks to Tom L. for the tip

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  1. I highly recommend his book "Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly." He not only tells a bunch of great stories about when he got his start in Provincetown, but it will also change the way you approach dining, in a good way. Like, don't get the fish special on a Monday.

  2. I can see why Ptown was great in the 70's the sexual revolution opened the doors new drugs coming in fishing industry still strong low cost rents and a good winter population

  3. At the risk of being called a hunter I recommend my book, "Ptown: Art, Sex and Money on the Outer Cape." Far superior to the Bordain show if only because Bourdain said not a word about Ptown's creative people, nor really very much about the town's food, either.

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