4 of 5 Stranded Dolphins Rescued In Provincetown


CapeCodOnline.com – Four surviving common dolphins found stranded this morning in Provincetown were released this afternoon back into the wild at Herring Cove Beach.

A total of five dolphins – four adults and a calf – were found stranded this morning on low-tide flats in the East End of Provincetown.

One of the animals died but the others were deemed healthy, said Brian Sharp, International Fund for Animal Welfare stranding coordinator.

“So far the animals look good,” Sharp said this morning. “One is a little skinny.”

The surviving dolphins were transported to Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown and released at about 12:35 p.m.

The dolphins were found on the flats off the beach at the intersection of Snail Road and Route 6A near the Harbor Hotel.

I have a question. Do we have any idea how bad it screws up a Dolphin to be transported over 2 miles by land? How do we know they aren’t going to swim in circles completely lost for weeks?

Think about it for a second, what would you do if someone pulled you underwater, dragged you two miles down the shoreline and tossed you back up on land? You’d be disoriented as hell with not one clue where you are. Now imagine there’s no roads or signs to help you, how do you even know which direction to walk? Were you dragged north? south? You have no idea.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t rescue Dolphins, I just think maybe it’s a good idea to try and keep them oriented. Maybe have someone ride in the back of the truck with them showing them where you are going on a map of 6A. Who knows maybe they’ll be like, “Dude, can you shoot us over to Truro real quick instead, we’ve got a meeting in like 20 minutes and it would be a huge help.”

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  1. At what point do we have to let nature do it’s thing? These animals are too stupid to swim in water deep enough for themselves. There is a pod of dolphins in deeper water watching these cats being rescued and they are all like “why are you tossing them back in? We’re trying to get rid of these speds!”

  2. You know it was the one that died that led the rest astray. It’s like your drunk friend at the end of the night. He’s too drunk to comprehend his actions, but too much fun to turn down. So you all end up in police custody for questioning cause he trys to pull a “Triple Lindy” (see Rodney Dangerfield in ‘Back To School’) off the Green Harbor bridge and ends up in the meat wagon while you try to explain why your marinated friend is toes up. It’s not worth it… Know your limits dolphins!

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