Yarmouth Police Want You To Trade Your Gun For A Pair Of Sneakers And An Order Of Chicken Parm – Wait, What?


YARMOUTH – Cape Codders interested in getting rid of unwanted firearms or ammunition are encouraged to bring them to the Yarmouth Police Station on Saturday, December 14 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. According to Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos, Yarmouth police will be collecting unwanted weapons on that day…

…As an incentive and a thank you for participating in the program, several area businesses have offered discounts:

Wait, aren’t guns worth money? Like real american currency? Why would anyone trade a perfectly good gun with monetary value for a pair of Reeboks and a couple of meatballs?

It drives me nuts when people cheat themselves out of money. Reminds me of that show Pawn Stars. Some guy will bring in an 1867 Colt something or other and the bald dude that laughs like Elmer Fudd will call in an expert. The expert will value the gun at like $4 grand and Elmer will offer $2k because he needs to make a profit. I want to throw the TV through a window when the people accept the offer.

I just want to scream in their face FOLLOW THAT EXPERT GUY! HE JUST SAID IT”S WORTH TWICE THAT MUCH! SELL IT TO HIM! But no, Elmer calls Chumlee over to write it up. He stares at the gun and breathes through his mouth like a neanderthal for a few seconds and then they pan over to the old guy sleeping in his chair… and roll credits.

God damn that show drives me nut’s, but it’s like a car wreck, no matter how awful it is I just can’t stop watching.

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