Truro Is Holding A Contest To Design Their New Beach Stickers (We Will Win)

truro – TRURO –  The town recreation and beach department is holding a design contest for the 2014 town beach sticker, potentially replacing the shark with an image or scene that represents Truro’s “amazing beauty, historic influence and general charm,” according to the rules of the contest.

Recreation and Beach Director Kelly Sullivan Clark had opposed the shark sticker design last year because she felt it gave the impression that the town didn’t take shark bites seriously.

We just wanted to let everyone know that there is no point in entering this design contest. We here at The Real Cape have the winning entry already wrapped up. Our design captures the essence of Cape Cod beaches so perfectly that there is simply no possible way that our design will not be chosen.

So without further ado we present the town of Truro’s official 2014 Piping Plover themed beach sticker…


P.S. How amazingly Cape Cod is it that Truro’s beach director opposed the old shark design because it gave the impression that Truro “doesn’t take shark bites seriously”?

Give me a fucking break already, anyone who assumes a town is OK with sharks biting people because of a cartoon drawing on their beach stickers is a lunatic of astronomic proportions. That is Twilight Zone type shit.

P.P.S. Kelly Sullivan Clark opposes this sticker because it gives the impression that Truro “doesn’t take Cleveland Steamers seriously”.

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