And We Thought Cape Cod Craigslist Ads Were Awesome? – New Bedford Wins


Craiglist – trade watch for a pack of smokes (new bedford )

I have one casio watch that is in very good condition that i want to trade for a pack of anything mentol 100s

Not Cape Cod but too good not to post. A digital Casio watch for a pack of Menthol 100’s? You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried.

I have been going back and forth on this in my head for days now and I can’t for the life of me figure out who wins and who loses in this trade. The only conclusion I can come to is that it’s a perfectly even barter. Everybody wins!

Do you New Bedford, Do you.

P.S. This is a tip for guys. Get yourself some Tea Tree shampoo and wash your balls with it. Feels like your nuts are smoking a Newport. Just absolutely wonderful. It’s like you are washing your junk in a peppermint pattie commercial. You can thank me later.

Thanks to JB for the tip

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