Does Sneaking More Than 12 Items Through The Express Lane Make Someone Evil? (POLL)


So this argument has been going around The Real Cape offices lately. Since there is nothing funny happening on Cape Cod I figured we’d hash it out and put an end to the debate today.

I have been known to go up to 20 items. My rule is that if it all fits in a basket I’m good to go, once you need a carriage you are over the limit. I also feel like size matters. If you have 6 cases of water and 6 cases of paper towels you are worse than me and my 20 candy bars.

I seem to be in the minority on this.

The counter argument is usually “Hippie, we live in a society stop being such a nihilistic sociopath.” I have a hard time believing I’m really the only person who doesn’t live in a box confined by the suggested number of items they can bring through a check out line. Also sociopath is a bit much no? I just feel like my time is more important than everyone else’s.

Oh and by the way, as anarchist as my attitude here seems, there IS a line you don’t cross. If you have produce with no price tags on it and you go in the express lane you should be removed from society, that is pure unadulterated lunatic shit.

So let’s end the debate, the poll is 100% anonymous so don’t lie, nobody will know you are a sociopath.

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