Sign The Online Petition To Save The Ghost Bike Memorial For Miles Tibbetts

ghost bike

This bike is a memorial for a widley loved member of the Wellfleet community. It was created as part of the “Ghost Bikes Project”( a project that remembers those injured or killed on bicycles) by two of Miles best friends. Miles was creamated and so there is no grave or tombstone to act as a memorial. Allowing the bike to remain where it is helps Miles’ family friends and community memorialize him, it gives them a place to remember what an amazing young man we lost.

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Does everyone remember this story about the Mass. Department of Transportation removing a memorial to a 16 year old Wellfleet kid that was killed on his bicycle? Well we received a few emails from the folks trying to save it and they are doing everything they can to stop the removal. Apparently (and shockingly) they haven’t been able to get very far with the Mass DOT so they started an online petition.

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Listen unless we are running a contest or something we very rarely ask people so share our articles but all bets are off on this one. Everyone needs to share this, share it again and then tomorrow share it again. I want this petition plastered all over social media until every Cape Cod resident has signed it. If you don’t want to help a bunch of mourning kids be able to keep a memorial they made for their dead friend then I don’t want to know you. Cape Cod needs to come together and fight for common sense on this issue. If you aren’t convinced yet read the original story, it will make your blood boil.

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