Sandwich Politician Wants To Be Able To Put Election Signs In Cemeteries

political signs cemeteries – If you need another example of why town politics in New England are always fun, just cross over the Sagamore Bridge and head to Sandwich.

There you’ll find David Darling, a former member of the town’s planning board who came dead last in a recent election for a seat on the board of selectmen. He has an idea that may improve his fortunes in future elections: he wants to open up more public land for posting campaign signs—including town cemeteries.

According to the Times, Darling spent most of his campaign cash on signs, but he struggled to find people who would post them.

Doesn’t get much sadder than this folks. Dude Guy spent all his campaign funds on signs but didn’t have enough friends to put them all up? He’s like the guy that spends all his money buying strangers rounds at the bar and they still don’t invite him to the after party.

It is our duty to respect our dead and put a stop to this, they can’t speak for themselves so we must speak for them. If people that are alive don’t like this guy enough to let him put his signs in their yards, we have to assume that dead people wouldn’t like him either, right? Just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they don’t have rights.

I mean come on, is nothing sacred anymore? This is the final resting place for these people, there’s just no room for exploiting the dead in politics. If Dude Guy wants to exploit people for his personal political gain, he should have to do it just like every other politician and exploit the living, breathing, hard working people. At least we know when politicians are exploiting us, the dead people won’t know what the hell happened.

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