Pope John Paul II High School Is Now Saint John Paul II


CC.com – Following the April canonization of St. John Paul II, Fall River Diocesan Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha announced that Pope John Paul II High School will now be called St. John Paul II High School.

Bishop da Cunha made this announcement at a Mass for all Cape Cod Catholic School students today.

“As a school community, we were pleased and proud to celebrate the Church’s recognition of John Paul II’s sainthood. I thank Bishop da Cunha for advancing this name change and making it official,” said St. John Paul II High School Head of School Christopher W. Keavy.

The graduating class of 2015 has elected to retain the name Pope John Paul II High School for their diplomas as the final graduating class with this name.

Big mistake by the 2015 class to ignore my man John Paul getting canonized. Huge. You have to make the switch immediately. For one thing saints trump popes all day long, when given a choice between a king and a prince you have to choose king, that’s just good business.

Also, don’t they realize that to become a saint someone has to have a direct line to god. This means JP is in the big guys ear. Do you really want to disrespect this guy? Right now John Paul is probably sitting next to god in the Heaven cafeteria being like, “Hey God, can you believe these little pricks disrespecting me and ignoring your will? What is this, meatloaf?”

Tread lightly, PJP II class of 2015. Last thing you want is a pissed off saint on your hands.

P.S. For some reason I picture John Paul as a grumpy old Jew saint that complains about his food. I know it makes no sense, so please don’t email me a 487 word diatribe about sainthood.

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