Looks Like We’ve Got A New Chief Of The Cape Cod Fun Police

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CapeCodOnline.com – Harris Contos, known for exercising his right each year to draft petition articles for the Yarmouth town meeting warrant, has submitted two for the May 19 annual meeting, and those are once again related to noise.

The aim of his first proposal is to ban motorcycle rides “in or through the town” by prohibiting permits from being issued for such rides. Contos said he assumes such rides must have permits in the same way parades are.

“Some say it’s a charity event, but other charity groups don’t ride motorcycles; they run, walk or ride bicycles,” Contos said. “This is something that’s been brought about by the symbiotic relationship between the police and the motorcycle guys, and I don’t think the people of the town should have to suffer.”

Police Chief Frank Frederickson said he knows of only two organized motorcycle rides that pass through town. “They’re generally escorted by police,” he said. “There’s no requirement for a permit that I know of, and there haven’t been any complaints. This is the first I’ve heard of it.”

Good lord, would you get a load of this guy? Does he have Cocker Spaniel hearing or something? Is having one or two charity motorcycle rides go by you in the summer really a source of “suffering”? Put on some ear muffs and sit in your basement if the noise is too scary.

The big question for Harris is this… How many legal, licensed, and registered motorcycles should be allowed to use the road at the same time if they feel like it? Three? Seven? If you are banning group motorcycle rides, don’t you have to ban all instances of multiple vehicles using the roads to go to the same place at the same time? Are we going to ban funeral processions too? Oh you want everyone to get from the funeral to the burial at the same time? Screw you, Harris Contos and his gigantic eardrums don’t want to suffer just because your mom not only died, but actually had the gall to have a group of people that loved her and drive cars.

Hey Harris, do you know why motorcycle rides don’t need permits and nobody has ever even heard of one complaint about them? Because we live in a free society, one where everyone and anyone can use public roads whenever they want. Why not just draft a petition to make it illegal for blue Ford pickup trucks to use state bridges on Tuesdays? That makes the same amount of sense as your anti motorcycle ride petition.

Congrats Harris Contos, you have been appointed to the position of Chief of the Cape Cod Fun Police!

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