Great, The Sharks Have Their Own License Plates Now

shark plates


Drive with pride knowing you are helping to protect one of our region’s most valuable marine species!

Plates have an exclusive design by Paul McPhee, one of the nation’s top marine life artists who’s work can be frequently seen on the covers of the most prestigious sports fishing magazines.

Pre-orders now available $40 special plate fee and complete application required for each plate order.

Download the application form to order yours today!

*Massachusetts residents only*

Oh great, let’s protect the sharks even though we’ve already established that they have a personal vendetta against me and want me dead. It’s fine though, everybody just go ahead and take the sharks side, I’ll go start The Real Oklahoma.

P.S. There is one shark I’m all about protecting, you know him, you love him… that’s right, it’s Reggae Shark!

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