The Fun Police Are “Attacking” The Shooting Range In Barnstable

gun range – The Town of Barnstable recently received approval from the state to swap out a parcel of land to be used for conservation, possibly allowing the town’s shooting range to reopen.

But opponents of the range say they are not through with the fight, according to opponent Hillary Sandler.

“Our next line of attack will be up at the Legislature because it will need two thirds vote in both the state senate and house in order to proceed with the land swap,” Sandler said.

Opponents of the range say they want the property to be used for conservation purposes with walking and bike trails.

Let me ask a quick question. Are there any trails on town land in Barnstable where people can take walks? There are? Good. Any other place on town land with a shooting range? No? Ok.

So maybe what people like Hillary Sandler should think about before planning their “next line of attack” against what a piece of PUBLIC land is used for, is that not everyone necessarily likes to do what they like to do. Not every single piece of public land should be used for just their hobbies.

I don’t like walking or biking and I don’t like shooting guns so it makes no difference to me. Call me when you are using public land to install couches, flat screens, Keno and beer taps and maybe I’ll get off my ass and come to a meeting. The point here is this, just because you don’t shoot guns, doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t have a place to do it. There’s nothing worse than a self righteous “activist” that only thinks about themselves.

This is day one kindergarten shit really, it’s a big world out there, it’s about time the fun police learn to share it with people who aren’t exactly like them.

P.S. Just a quick reminder, this range already exists and these people want to take it away, it’s not some nature reserve that gun nuts want to turn into a range.

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