Corporate Bullying: Diadora Claiming Cape Cloth’s Logo Is “Identical” To Theirs

cape cloth – As you may or may not remember, Diadora, a global retail behemoth, decided to claim months ago that the Cape Cloth logo imposed on their logo, stating they are so similar, identical in some cases even, to each other. Of course, anyone with two working eyes can see that this is pure ridiculousness. They’re not even close. Identical in some cases? Which cases? When the observer ingest hallucinogens?

But the way the US Trademark system works, there are windows where anyone with a lawyer can claim an opposition. Obviously, bigger corporations with teams of lawyers, can spend millions of dollars claiming that smaller companies are imposing on them. It’s not true, but rather a spineless method for the big guy to hold the little guy underwater until he runs out of air. Of course, large legal teams need to justify their salary, so what better way than to scour the internet all day, every day, filing baseless oppositions, in an effort to prove they were worth hiring. Nicholas Wells, representing Diadora and Italy by way of Salt Lake City, is one such lawyer.

So instead of focusing on bringing Cape Cod and all its fans more great products, more money has to be spent on lawyers to email and call each other to discuss this horse shit.

Well this is corporate bullying at its finest. Looks like we need to call for a Cape wide ban of Diadora products. On what planet are those two logos “identical”? They aren’t even close to each other. Like he said, this is obviously a case where a lawyer just needs some billing hours. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can tell those logos look nothing alike. Diadora’s logo is just some made up shape anyway, Cape Cloth‘s is an actual land mass, shouldn’t that end the conversation before it even starts?

Let’s rally the troops and show some support for Cape Cloth, fighting crap like this takes time, and time is money. So go check out their website and if you see anything you like, buy it. This is a local company owned by a good dude that is working his ass off and donates part of the profits to Cape Abilities. We don’t have nearly enough home grown businesses on this peninsula, it would be a shame to lose one over some trumped up logo infringement crap.

P.S. That question about the hallucinogens though, we might have to test that, you can’t be too thorough in cases like this.


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