Companies Can Legally Demand Employees Facebook Passwords in MA?


Patch – State lawmakers will consider legislation that would prohibit employers from requiring workers or job seekers to give up their social media user name and password information.

State Sen. Cynthia S. Creem, D-Newton, filed a bill that would provide protections for workers when it comes to their social media accounts.

“Employers … shouldn’t demand applicants turn over social media passwords as a condition of acceptance,” Creem has said.

Maryland in 2012 was the first state to pass such legislation after a state employee said he was required to give up his Facebook password, according to USA Today.

Since then, at least 28 states have considered similar anti-snooping legislation.

The Associated Press reported the Massachusetts Senate will soon consider Creem’s bill.

Is this real? I’m pretty sure this is real. What the hell kind of shit is this? This would be like companies demanding access to your medicine cabinet, or your text messages. Actually, it’s more like your boss legally being able to crawl inside of your head. Is nothing sacred?

Wait a second. Does this mean I can legally demand The Glitter Ginger’s Facebook password? I’m so torn. On one hand, it would probably be hilarious to see her late night interactions with random dudes and how she handles stalkers. On the other hand, some things can’t be unseen, and who knows how many forgotten pics Nintendo No Friendo has sent of himself tea bagging a Legend of Zelda doll?

Anyway, everyone make sure you delete those private messages from your Opium dealer and the dick pic that Rick from accounting sent you after the Christmas party. You never know when your boss might feel like perusing your Facebook dashboard!

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