Chatham Voters Approve $300,000 To Fight The Feds Over South Beach

us fish wildlife – Chatham voters quickly raised $300,000 to fight the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s draft comprehensive management plan, which claims ownership of 717 acres of South Beach, during a special town meeting tonight.

The selectmen and the Finance Committee both recommended raising $300,000 to fund the town’s response to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s management plan for the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. The voters agreed with the elected officials Monday without a single question or a word of debate.

The town has hired consultants and lawyers to represent its point of view in what has become a battle over Fish & Wildlife’s assertions in the draft plan that it owns 717 acres of South Beach. The town also wants to counter claims by the service that the federal agency can regulate who fishes, with what gear and what they can fish for within park boundaries, including the waters off its shoreline.

Did you hear that Feds? Not a single question or word of debate, no more talkie talkie. Chatham voters sensed a clear and present danger, just rolled up its sleeves and is ready to go 12 rounds. You think you can just take 717 acres of beach from the people and not be in for a fight?

This could be the moment the pendulum starts swinging the other way folks. Things have gone a little past ridiculous around here as of late. We are tired of being told that birds are more important than humans. We are tired of being told we can’t use our beaches. We are tired of being told where we can fish and what gear we can use.

For decades they having been taking more and more away from us. Well it’s time we start taking back. People of The Cape unite! Today we are all Chathamites! (Chathamanians?) A unified Cape Cod will not be defeated by bug counters! TAKE BACK CAPE COD!

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