Hyannis Men Arrested After Transporting Stolen Flat Screen TV In A Taxi – Yes… A Taxi

flat scree

BPD – On Monday December 9, 2013 at 2:30 a.m. Barnstable Police Officers were dispatched to the International Inn at 662 Main St. in Hyannis to investigate a suspicious person that had been dropped off by a taxi cab in possession of a possibly stolen flat screen television.

The Yarmouth Police Department was investigating a possible breaking and entering in their town and had received information that a male was picked up in a cab and transported to the International Inn with the television.

These dudes were charged with a slew of other things besides the TV. Click the link to read all about it if you want but we really need to discuss the matter at hand. Who transports a stolen flat screen TV in a cab? To a hotel?

I decided the best way to rationalize this would be to list off all the different reasons that a person would bring a flat screen TV to a hotel in cab. Maybe it’s not as suspicious as one would think? Maybe just because nobody I know would ever do it, that doesn’t mean some other people don’t do it on the regular.

So I asked a bunch of other people for their input and began assembling the list. Here it is, the definitive list of every single possible reason on earth that a person would transport a flat screen television to a hotel in a taxi.

1. They stole it

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Nauset Regional Middle School Is Building A Greenhouse… Wait, What?


CapeCodOnline.com – ORLEANS — Sixth-graders were lingering in the side yard Wednesday at Nauset Regional Middle School as the adults put a shovel in the ground for the school’s new greenhouse.

When the $125,000 greenhouse is built, the students will grow food for the school cafeteria and try their hand at cultivating flowers and indigenous plants, school Principal Maxine Minkoff said.

Use of the year-round greenhouse, planned at 1,500 square feet, will help the school’s 600 students learn about solar energy, protecting the environment, nutrition, math, the origins of food, art and more.

The children, too, had ideas about what the greenhouse would mean: a chance to get outdoors, do something different and work with their hands.

Whoah, wait a minute, what is going on here? You mean to tell me that this school is building something that will keep kids active, teach them about natures role in our everyday lives and possibly instill a respect for clean and healthy food supplies?

Doesn’t Nauset know that we are living in the Twitter age? Kids should be learning how to pilot drones and put that plastic thing on their smartphone screens without getting bubbles in it. I mean who cares about crops that haven’t been genetically modified when the ones that are genetically modified are dee-fucking-licious?

But seriously folks, this is actually a very good idea. I’m just upset because in my day a superlative class taught you how to make a wooden step stool with some stupid bands logo carved in it (you know you have one). Now they are offering advanced classes in being a Hippie.

I used to think I was born too late. Now I’m thinking I was born too soon. Kudos Nauset, you changed my life.

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The Real Cape At The New England Music Awards Video

Well here it is, last weekend we traveled to Lowell for the New England Music Awards. We proceeded to drink all the booze within the city limits, had a ton of laughs, got some interviews with some extremely talented cats and had a blast. Pretty hammered by the end but it wouldn’t be The Real Cape if we weren’t. Just keeping it real.

Video shot by @johnbeninghof and edited by none other that Ham Sandwich who is now on Twitter for all you ladies.

Huge thanks to all the artists that were cool enough to chat with us, be sure to check them all out:

Spose:  Website . Facebook . Twitter

The Fog Cutters: Website . Facebok . Twitter

Will Dailey: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Joey Batts: Website . Facebook . Twitter

Love in Stockholm: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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Today In Cape Cod History – No Biggie, A Wellfleet Man Only Invented The Brown Paper Bag


CapeCodToday.com – On this day in 1873, Luther Childs Crowell was granted a patent for a machine to manufacture square-bottom paper bags.

Before we were all asked the question “paper or plastic”, Luther’s design was the only grocery carrying vessel available. In fact, the same design is still used to this day.

According to the website CapeCodHistory.us, Crowell, who lived in Wellfleet, was granted 293 patents in all.

Cape Cod, Fuck yeah!

Holy shit are we on a roll or what? Not too long ago we found out that Cape Cod invented the banana and now we find out we are responsible for the brown paper bag as well? Is there nothing The Cape can’t do? This place is electric!

Why is this stuff not required teaching in our schools? Every one of my books was covered with one of Luther’s bags for cripes sake. Why didn’t anyone tell me that the bag I was doodling pot leaves and World War II battles on originated right here on Cape Cod. Maybe teenagers wouldn’t have so much of a burning hatred for this peninsula if they knew more about its bad ass history. Screw kettle holes and glacial erratics, teach the kids about Luther Crowell and The Banana King! (I love you Mr. Crocker)

As a matter of fact, I think we should change the name of brown paper bags to “Cape Cod Bags”. We’ve got tons of products with geographical names. There’s “Buffalo Wings” and  “Neapolitan Pizza”, why shouldn’t there be Cape Cod Bags?

So next time they ask you what type of grocery bag you want in the checkout aisle, just say “I’ll take a Cape Cod Bag”! If someone asks if you buy your lunch every day say no, “I Cape Cod Bag it”! When you see an embarrassed fan in the stands of a game, say “look at that guy with the Cape Cod Bag on his head”! And last but not least, when giving tips on making guacamole, tell people “you know what works great to ripen Avacados? A fuckin’ Cape Cod Bag is what”!

P.S. Luther’s beard/hair part combo is absolutely LETHAL!

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