Cape And Islands Unemployment Rate Up For November, About Six People In Provincetown Have Jobs

needwork – The job market cooled in November, with the Cape and Islands’ jobless rate higher than the same month last year.

The unemployment rate increased to 7.6 percent last month, compared with 7.2 percent in November 2012, according to the latest data posted by the state Department of Labor and Workforce Investment.

“It’s not a great increase, but certainly we will want to watch,” said David Augustinho, executive director of the Cape and Islands Workforce Investment Board.

Nothing too alarming here, 7.6 to 7.2 is not a huge change. So why am I writing about it? Well let’s go down to the end of the article shall we? This little tidbit is nonchalantly thrown in at the very end…

The Cape town with the lowest jobless rate was Brewster, at 6.0 percent. Provincetown was highest, at 29.9 percent.

What in the fuck? Provincetown has a THIRTY PERCENT unemployment rate? Do you think there’s any chance that number could somehow be linked to them having the highest crime rates as well? Holy shit does P-Town have the rest of us fooled. Every time we come across a new list of worsts it’s always P-Town #1.

To put this in perspective P-Town has a higher unemployment rate than 170 of the 196 countries in the world. It would sit neck and neck with Afghanistan and Yemen on the list. Provincetown is literally a third world country at this point. Nike should be moving factories there to take advantage of these destitute people. Although a Kathy Lee Gifford sweat shop would probably better utilize the existing skills in the community.

P.S. When a community in a world class vacation spot has a higher unemployment rate that Honduras… Honduras! it’s time to think about legalizing bum fight death matches to chip away slowly at the problem.



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