Cape Craigslist Ad – Remotes For Sale!


Ad link Remotes: Dennisport – 30- 50 remotes, jvc and rca, sell individual or whole lot, call 781-929-3093

Should be a quick sale.

Every single person reading this, literally every single one, has at least 4 remotes in their house right now that they have never touched a button on, and most likely have no IDEA what they are for. Remember the last time you had to actually use the remote for something other than your cable box? It probably went something like this…

“Is it this one? No, shit… this one? Dammit, what the fuck is this one for?”

So whoever posted this ad to sell 30-50 random remotes can go straight to hell, what on earth makes you think anyone wants to add to their collection of shit they don’t use?

P.S. RCA and JVC? For real?

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