Today Is The Day Cape Cod, Let’s Make Some History

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We are ready. Are you? Today is going to go down in Cape Cod history.

The Real Cape Music Festival is today at The Cape Cod Fairgrounds. Two huge custom stages, 13 bands, food, beer, wine, the areas best vendors, adult games, a separate kids area with all kinds of activities, live art and more!

Parking lots open at 11 a.m. Gates open at noon and the music starts at 12:30. Tickets are available at the door. Feel free to bring chairs and blankets. Come one, come all, today is going to be one we talk about for the rest of our lives.

Sneak peek at the crew setting up…




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We’ve Added A Third Stage With 5 More Bands To The Real Cape Music Festival

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As if two stages with eight bands aren’t enough music for one day at The Real Cape Music Festival, we’ve now added a third busking stage with five more bands to play during the breaks and make sure the music doesn’t stop for a moment. The Lineup for the busking stage is…

  • Mike Machaby Trio
  • Brady Signs
  • Better off Dead
  • Brendan Princi
  • The Silent Trees

Posting here at The Real Cape will be limited for the rest of the week. We’ve already started construction at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds and we will be posting photos and updates of the progress as well as some more surprise announcements. It’s taking us all week to get ready this year because this event is so big we couldn’t hold it at the Main Stage of the Fairgrounds, we needed to bring in some huge festival stages and use a much larger field than the one where concerts are usual concerts held.

The new bigger concert area is coming together nicely. Don’t forget we will have the Kidsville area on the grounds (but separated from the partying area) with everything from face painting to an interactive stage where kids can play provided instruments to get in the musical spirit. For the kid in all of you adults we’ve also added some backyard type games near the beer and wine vendors. We’ve got Kan Jam, Cornhole and Giant Beer Pong in strategic locations.

There will also be a giant wall where Wellfleet artist Andrew Jacob will be painting live, as well as a giant Real Cape sign with 8′ tall lettering that we will be using as our festival guest book to give all of you festival goers a chance to sign your names, write a poem or leave a love letter for Insane Tony.

We will be publishing a huge list of food vendors, retail kiosks and other attractions in the next few days. Folks, we can’t stress enough just how huge and action packed this festival will be. Trust us when we say that you do not want to miss this. The weather looks perfect so there is no excuse to not come party with thousands of the most fun loving people on Cape Cod. This event will be talked about for months to follow, don’t be the only one of your friends to miss out on the conversation.

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RCMF Stage Budweiser 3

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Introducing The Real Cape Music Festival Site Map

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Here it is folks, the layout for The Real Cape Music Festival this Saturday. When we said we were going bigger we meant it. Bigger field, two custom stages, vendors galore, kids activities, games, etc. etc. Make sure to check out the layout and note that we are using a different entrance into the Fairgrounds this year.

Stay tuned because we have all sorts of other surprises we will be announcing all week. Remember to get your tickets in advance before the price goes up. Don’t be the only one of your friends to miss the biggest thing Cape Cod has seen since the glacier that formed it. The weather looks perfect and we start construction today!

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You Could Win A Real Cape Shaped Vec Surfboard At The Real Cape Music Festival


Bonzai and I had the pleasure of shaping a board with Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards. Great guy and an even better surfboard shaper. Well, we decided the best thing to do with it is to auction it off at The Real Cape Music Festival this Saturday with the proceeds going to a shark research charity.

Vec will have a booth at the fest with some examples of his killer boards as well as tickets for the raffle. What an amazing opportunity to win a work of art shaped by the hands of Hippie himself (Myself? Sorry got carried away and referred to myself in the 3rd person). The board is a 9’2″ classic and I happen to know that it was made with some extra love.

So while you’re wandering around all the amazing booths at the festival, make sure to go say hi to Shawn, check out some of his creations, and get in on the raffle for a chance to own a piece of both Real Cape, and surfing history.

P.S. Don’t worry, Bonzai and I rough shaped it for like 5 minutes and then Shawn did all the actual work.

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Wareham Coming In Hot As The 11th Worst Place To live In Massachusetts

worst cities in massachusetts

RS – In order to rank the worst places to live in Massachusetts, we had to determine what criteria people like or dislike about a place. It isn’t a stretch to assume that people like low crime, solid education, great weather, things to do and a stable economy.

We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Using FBI crime data, the government census, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Sperling’s Best Places

So we scraped the internet for those criteria, asked for the opposite of those, and it spit out the answer. Like magic.

In all fairness these lists are all totally subjective. They used a very specific list of factors that may not be important to some people. If you don’t care about crime or education and judge places more on the availability of crack, the amount of $5,000 rims on $2,000 cars, working payphones and number of jorts per capita, then Wareham would be way higher on your list. It’s all just a matter of priorities and preference really.

P.S. I had to Google Ware, it’s smack dab in the middle of the state right between Worcester and Springfield, has only 6,000 people, and is the 6th worst place to live in Mass. No joke, that sounds like absolute hell on earth. Wareham minus the ham.

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This Dude Swam From Yarmouth To Nantucket


CC – A swimmer made it 25 miles across Nantucket Sound Friday in just over 12 hours to raise money for cancer programs on Nantucket.

Grant Wentworth, 28, raised $134,000 so Nantucket Cottage Hospital can bring an oncologist to the island from Massachusetts General Hospital each week.

The New York man began the swim from Yarmouth to Nantucket around 4 a.m. from Seagull Beach in Yarmouth and arrived on the island just before 4:30 p.m Friday.

According to Swim Across America’s Facebook page, Wentworth is only the second person to ever swim across Nantucket Sound and the first to do it originating on Cape Cod.

Now here is a guy who did things right. We didn’t hear one word about this until he did it. There are so many of these people we read about for weeks, even months before their attempts to do something outrageous, and then they fail. This guy just quietly went about doing something that has never been done before. Credit where credit is due.

Can you even fathom swimming for 12 hours straight?  I don’t think I could even stand for 12 hours straight. Dude saved himself some money on ferry tickets though. Kudos to Grant, not only was he humble, but he made it AND the island got an oncologist out of the deal. That’s almost enough to forgive him for being from New York… almost. All I know is it’s a good thing there aren’t any rotaries in Nantucket Sound or else he never would have made it.

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Falmouth Police Recover Bunny Rabbit Stolen From Barnstable County Fair

barnstable county fair stolen bunny

barnstable county fair stolen bunny2

Good lord, even our bunny rabbits aren’t safe from abduction anymore. Did anyone check to see if the Squirrel Brothers are still in jail? They have to be the #1 suspects right? Who else would have more of a motive to kidnap a rabbit than a Squirrel? We’ve been right about these things before, maybe we should break this case wide open as well.

The only problem is that the FPD has released the description of a suspect in the case and it doesn’t really match either of the Squirrel Brothers. Apparently the suspect is 3′ 7″ tall, bald, talks with a heavy lisp and is extremely clumsy and injury prone. He may also be using an alias and respond to “Egghead”.

WAIT! We’ve done it again, we’ve cracked another case. Put out an APB, we just hired a sketch artist, so be on the lookout for the man below. Warning, he is armed and not very dangerous…

elmer fudd

P.S. Yes, this is the worst joke in the history of The Real Cape, give us a break, it’s Friday and we’ve already checked out mentally.


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