The Four Cape Cod Grandmas Were Convicted In Their Pilgrim Nuclear Trial

By Hippie

23 Oct

cape pilgrim nuclear

MC – Four Cape Cod women were convicted of trespassing at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station following a three-day trial in Plymouth District Court.

Diane Turco, Susan Carpenter and Sarah Thatcher, who had been previously been convicted of the same charge earlier this year, were given 30-day suspended jail sentences. Mary Conathan was fined $100.

The four defendants used what is called the necessity defense, arguing that the Pilgrim Station presents an immediate threat to public safety.  In her closing argument, defendant Diane Turco, who represented herself, called the radiation emitted from the plant “a continuing accident.”

Great job by the courts on this one! It’s imperative that we let the elderly know that they can’t just go around putting flowers wherever they want just because they are concerned that if the Nuclear power plant with the worst safety record in the country melts down that a quarter of a million Cape Codders will most likely die.

It’s tough to complain about so many thieves and drug dealers getting arrested but managing to stay on the streets when you realize that it is heinous geriatric horticulture crimes that are taking precedence. The courts need to prioritize and I for one am willing to trade a few plea deals for violent offenders knowing that it’s because we needed to focus our resources on throwing the book at the Golden Girls!

Finally we can all get a good nights sleep knowing that this riff raff has been convicted and punished accordingly. I just wish they hadn’t suspended their sentences and locked them up for the 30 days to really teach these bitches a lesson.

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There Are People That Don’t Want A Commuter Rail Stop In Buzzards Bay?

By Hippie

23 Oct

commuter rail

WL – Would a Boston commuter heading across the Sagamore Bridge early each day opt for a canal-side diversion to a Buzzards Bay passenger rail stop or intuitively drive north along Route 3 to catch the morning train at the Kingston lot?

Cape Cod Commission transportation planners will examine such issues in a revised scope of work and update the 2007 Buzzards Bay Commuter Rail Extension Study, which at this point does not address concerns raised by State Rep. David Vieira, R-Falmouth, and Bourne officials.

So I was all set to go into one of those “Is this real life” rants about this being the dumbest question of all time. What Cape Codder in their right mind would drive by a commuter rail in B Bay to keep driving to Kingston? It makes less than zero sense.

Then I see that Bourne officials and David Vieira have concerns and a little bit of my brain leaked out of my ear. There are very few politicians I like, let alone trust, but David is one of them. Agree or disagree the dude’s ethics and love for this community are beyond reproach. So what the hell is going on here, why wouldn’t we want a commuter rail as close to us as possible?

I’ve got nothing… total blank, can’t think of one drawback. So I’m going to do something I rarely do and let you the readers tell me. What the hell is the problem with a commuter rail in B Bay?

P.S. See, for all you haters, I DON’T claim to know everything… just like 98%.

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Insane Tony’s Lunchtime Local Music Video – Crooked Coast “Loose Tooth”

By Insane Tony

23 Oct

Do you have a local video suggestion? What are you waiting for? EMAIL it to us.

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Heavily Armed State + Local Police Surround Cape Home Over Video Game Prank

By Hippie

23 Oct

SWAT – A prank 911 call reporting an active shooter at a Main Street home drew a massive police response and closed a portion of Route 28 for nearly an hour Wednesday night.

Just after 10 p.m., local and state police responded to 545 Main St. after receiving a call from an untraceable Skype phone that a teenager inside had a gun to his mother’s head and another two minutes later reporting he shot his mother, according to Sgt. John Emerson.

A perimeter was set up around the property, closing off a portion of Main Street and an ambulance and firetruck sat waiting in the parking lot at the nearby Hess Gas Station.

Police eventually made contact with the alleged victim, Penelope Pina, and her 17-year-old son and learned that the report was false, police said.

“It’s not funny, but apparently it’s something that gamers occasionally do,” Emerson said on the scene Wednesday night.

When they made entrance into the home, the young man was still playing the video game.

There was no weapon in the house, and the scene was quickly cleared.

The hoax, known as “swatting,” is when someone calls in an emergency situation that generates massive police or SWAT team response. It is a trend among combat-themed video gamers seeking retaliation against their virtual opponent.

Dennis officers were assisted by Harwich Police, Massachusetts State Police, and the Dennis Fire Department.

Well this is an interesting development in the world of gaming. I guess teen angst in the industry has come a long way from when we used to freak out and blow into the Nintendo to fix it. Sure, I can remember getting pissed and throwing my controller because I missed one of those little arrows and my bike overheated in Excitebike, but this brings gamer anger to a new level.

Oh you’re beating me at Call of Duty? Well what do you think about the 38 cops from 3 departments outside your house with automatic weapons pointed at your mother’s head? Seems a bit over the top to me, but what do I know? I’m still convinced that NHL ’94 for Sega Genesis is the greatest video game ever invented.

This is the problem with online gaming, sure it’s cool that kids can play with their friends from school, but not so cool when they piss off some hillbilly, Trench Coat Mafia soldier in training that’s listening to Insane Clown Posse in the basement of his grandmothers meth lab trailer on the outskirts of some shit town in one of those states in the middle of the country that smells like The Barnstable County Fair.

Just be careful kids, talk shit to the wrong person on those headphones and the next thing you know there’s an Amazon package at your door compliments of Ted Kaczynski Jr.

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Katherine The Shark Update: She’s On Her Honeymoon

By Hippie

23 Oct

katharine nantucket

At this point I feel like Katharine is a family member. We have all been through so much together, the highs, the lows, it really has been a whirlwind relationship since she showed up on our shores a few weeks ago.

For a while I thought Katharine the shark was stalking me, then we realized she was a friendly reggae shark and just wanted tickets to The Wailers show. After that we came to the conclusion that she was in love and was getting her freak on all over the Cape.

Now our girl seems to have taken off to Nantucket for the weekend. Ah, young love, you have to appreciate the spontaneity of it. I don’t know if this is goodbye for the season, or if it’s just a weekend getaway, but I do know this…

Kate, we got off to a rocky start, and you may be a vicious, killing machine, but god damn it you’re our vicious, killing machine. You were tagged here, you smoked your first joint here, you lost your virginity here. You are Kate the Cape Cod Great and we love you now and forever. You get out there and see what the world has to offer, just make sure you come back and visit your Cape family now and again, deal?

The Timeline

She Arrives

Is She Stalking Me?

She’s A Reggae Shark!

Kate You Freaky Thang

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JUDGE: Joe’s Lobster Mart Has 14 Days To Clear Out Its Stock And Shut Down

By Hippie

23 Oct

joe's – Joe’s Lobster Mart has less than two weeks to sell off the lobster, fish and other stock before closing the doors.

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Thomas Connors denied owner Joseph Vaudo’s request for a preliminary injunction against the state Department of Public Health, which revoked Vaudo’s licenses to sell fish and shellfish at the Cape Cod Canal warehouse.

In his decision, Connors found that Vaudo and his attorney failed to demonstrate likelihood they would be successful in appealing the state’s ruling to revoke the licenses.

The state Department of Public Health issued a notice of intent to revoke Vaudo’s licenses April 15, just a couple of weeks after he pleaded guilty in Barnstable District Court to charges of receiving stolen oysters and failing to keep proper shellfish records.

Ding, Dong, the witch is dead! Or at least its been given 14 days to live… until the appeal… whatever, it’s better than nothing. It looks like the thief’s testimony that this was not a “one time” incident has sealed Joe’s fate, and rightfully so.

For those of you who think Joe is getting a raw deal, I’ll just say this. Besides all of the moral and social codes he has broken and on top of the public health risk he created, the man facilitated grand larceny and bought tens of thousand of dollars of hard working Cape people’s stolen goods. If it had been cars or jewelry instead of oysters, the man would probably be going to jail.

There will be one more chapter in this saga when the appeal is heard, but until then stay strong and stay away from Joe’s. I don’t care what kind of fire sale they have, it is our duty as Cape Codders to let every last piece of fish sit there and rot for the next 14 days.

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Comedy Night This Thursday At The Beach House With Steve Sweeney

By Arthur Bonzarelli

22 Oct


So The Beach House has gone and done it again… Lenny Clarke might be stuck out in Chicago filming a few episodes of Denis Leary’s TV Show “Sirens”, but have no fear…

Lenny was supposed to be there on Thursday night, but since he can’t make it he gave his boy Steve Sweeney aka The King of Boston Comedy a call and BAM! Steve Sweeney is filling in to save the day and bring the funny to your faces.

Tickets are $20 and you can CLICK HERE to buy them online in advance. This is Steve’s only area performance so you’ll want to jump on these early. Also on the bill are the South Shore’s funniest teacher Christine Hurley and the one and only Jack Walsh.

Once again the Beach House is stepping up and bringing top notch comedy to the Cape.

Keep up with what’s happening at The Beach House on Facebook, Twitter, or their website.

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