Mashpee Tribal Leader Puts All Of Taunton On Notice


TAUNTON — The Bureau of Indian Affairs came to town Tuesday as supporters and opponents of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe’s proposed casino shared their views and concerns, occasionally clashing with one another…

The issuance of the draft environmental impact statement and the public review of the study is a standard step in the complex land-in-trust application process the tribe is undergoing.

Tribal Vice Chairwoman Jessie “Little Doe” Baird said the land is part of the Mashpee’s ancestral territory. She then told the BIA officials that they would hear comments from all types of people, including “xenophobes”, “skinheads” and “NIMBYs”, as well as tribal members and their allies.

Just so you know Taunton anyone who speaks out against our $500 million, 150 acre casino either hates people foreign to them for no reason, is a Nazi, or a pedophile. What’s that? NIMBY? Oh I thought she said NAMBLA, okay a NIMBY.

Jessie “Little Doe” Baird just shutting down the entire opposition before they say a word. I envision the crowd at the hearing in a hush whisper everytime someone gets up to talk.

“Hmmm… this guy seems like he is against this, but he has all of his hair so he can’t be a skinhead…  he must be xenophobe!”

Then there are the people who were going to speak against the casino that just do a complete 180 on the podium and support it because they don’t wan’t everyone in town thinking they are NIMBY.

I don’t know if it worked and I don’t care, but you have to respect the balls on this lady trying the Jedi mind trick on an entire town.

Hey Taunton, welcome to our world, you just found out what everyone on Cape Cod has known forever. You don’t fuck with Mashpee bitches.

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