Mashpee Man Pleads Guilty Of Assault, Gets Away With Treason

benedict – FALMOUTH — Six months after police said he pushed his girlfriend against a door jamb, a 45-year-old Mashpee man pleaded guilty Monday to an assault and battery charge.

Glenn Beaulieu, of Falmouth Road, was put on probation through January 2015 and ordered to stay away from the victim, according to court records. He was also ordered to pay $124 in restitution, but prosecutors dropped two charges including vandalism and assaulting someone 60 years of age or older.

On July 7, Mashpee police said the woman was packing her belongings when Beaulieu allegedly grabbed her right arm and threw her into a door jamb, leaving her right forearm with a cut and bruise. Beaulieu then picked up a photograph of Cape Cod and threw it onto the ground, shattering the glass, police said.

Pushing a female against a door jamb is never OK, let’s get that right out of the way first. This guy was wrong and he was punished for it. I am not here to talk about that part of the story. My problem is where is the justice for his other crime, the crime against humanity? This Benedict Arnold can just go around smashing framed photographs of the great peninsula and he gets away scott free while we are left to pick up the pieces?

This man is clearly an enemy of the state. I hope at the very least they are watching him through his web cam and have drone surveillance on him 24 hours a day. I want this guy on house arrest. Banished from society I say! At least put this terrorist on the No Fly List for Cape Air before he hijacks a plane bound for Nantucket and crashes it into the Pilgrim Monument.

If I were Mayor of Cape Cod I would take a cue from North Korea in all cases like this.  The Dear Leader would get drunk and have this guy fed to the dogs before lunch so he could play tummy sticks with Dennis Rodman all afternoon. If elected that’s exactly the type of leader I would be!

P.S. Not the tummy sticks with a dude part, the drunken execution part…  seriously, I swear.

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