Great Day To Be A Lobsterman, Their Jobs Just Became Illegal For 1/3 Of The Year

lobsterman – Effective June 27, the National Marine Fisheries Service implemented a new rule designed to protect right and humpback whales that prohibits lobster traps in an area stretching from Cape Cod Bay to Boston between Jan. 1 and April 30. Scott Leddin, a Marshfield lobsterman, said the rule will hurt the lobster industry and related businesses from bait retailers to fuel suppliers.

“We’re willing to work with these people, but it’s a big hit,” said Leddin, who explained that the industry has already moved to use breakaway buoys and other safety devices to protect whales. Rep. James Cantwell, a Marshfield Democrat, said he would like to see Massachusetts receive an exemption.

He said the waters off the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine are not subject to the same restrictions while the right whale population has doubled in recent years.

“We think it’s an overreaction, period. But we are seeking an exemption at the very least. This will put people out of business,” Cantwell said.

Does anyone get more fucked with by our government than the people who provide us with food? It seems like every day you hear of some fishery being closed, or farmers going out of business because of some ridiculous regulation. Listen I like whales as much as anyone but not letting thousands of people make a living 1/3 of the year with no warning is just not cool. There’s gotta be a better solution.

Could you imagine if the government decided that the banking industry causes too much pollution so they shut down banking for 4 months a year? How do you think that would work out? You just can’t mess with peoples money, that is unless they make it by feeding the rest of the country apparently.

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