Good Looking Google Results Hyannis

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I was Googling assorted Cape Cod type things this morning looking for something interesting to write about. There wasn’t much news out there and I was about to move on to other information sources when it hit me. I just wasn’t seeing the forest through the trees. So I went back and Googled Hyannis using the “news” button. Click on the photo above to see the glorious results.

Seriously, stay classy Hy-Town. Let’s go right down the list shall we? The first page of results when you Google Hyannis news goes like this:

1. J.F.K. Assassination 50th anniversary

2. Homeless Man Arson

3. Homeless Man Arson

4. Hotel Drug Bust, 4 arrested with 20K worth of heroin and cocaine

5. Kennedy Story

6. Hyannis man with extensive criminal record charged with break in

7. Arson

8. Drug Bust

9. J.F.K

1o. Drug Bust

Crime and Kennedy’s. That’s what Hyannis does! Homeless arson guy is obviously the MVP of this list. He just missed out on the triple crown and taking the top three spots due to J.F.K getting hot at the right time. Gotta be tough to lose the batting title to a guy who’s been dead for 50 years.

The hotel fearsome foursome with their 20K of heroin and coke is going to have to step it up if they want to compete for the next Google algorithm update.

Overall a great showing from Hy-Town all around. This type of publicity has to be doing wonders for the tourism industry. They do however still have a Wendy’s that is open until 1 a.m. so there’s that. Keep doing you Hyannis.

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